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Together, we are changing the world of legal services for the better

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LEGAL SPACE is a safe and reliable virtual resource to help you resolve your legal issues online. Whether you are setting up a company in Cyprus, registering a trademark, or applying for residential rights abroad - whatever legal service you need, in whichever part of the world, you can find it right now on our website.


every LEGAL SPACE lawyer
passes through a highly competitive selection process

we are sure of his or her qualifications and professionalism and can guarantee the quality of his or her services. All of our lawyers have a minimum of five years professional experience. Every candidate undergoes a personal interview before they start work, while lawyers may only join the LEGAL SPACE professional pool through recommendation. Are you lawyer?

Our partners are outstanding representatives of the legal profession; they are progressive and always abreast of the latest developments in the industry. Together we are changing the world of legal services for the better.

LEGAL SPACE is an international network of the best lawyers, already boasting over 2000 professionals in 190 countries.

country no matter

Our wide-reaching geographical presence allows us to provide you with the legal service that you require in any country. Our services are not limited to popular locations, and we are able to provide you with a professional in Argentina as easily as in Germany or France.

The fastest and most effective way to receive the legal service that you require.

We will save you money, but also your most valuable commodity - time.

Thanks to our enormous pool of professionals, convenient chat facility, and secure and confidential storage of your documents, you can find answers to all your questions right here, on our site. You do not need to travel abroad, or to waste time travelling to see a lawyer - you don't even have to open your email. Simply submit your request and our consultants will contact you within the hour to inform you of the timeframe and cost associated with the resolution of your query.

Our goal

Our goal is to solve legal issues of any level of complexity and in any part of the world by means of the largest international network of the most highly-qualified lawyers. LEGAL SPACE 's task is to reduce financial costs and wasted time to a minimum and help you find the right lawyer in any part of the world as quickly and easily as booking a flight or a hotel.

Our mission

We are simplifying the provision of legal services in order to help small and medium size business flourish and help entrepreneurs launch their companies in international markets.

Legal space team

We are emancipating businesses from the problems of searching for a lawyer outside their native soil; we are enabling quick consultations about the legal specifics of a foreign state; we are substantially reducing costs.

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Legal Space is a safe and reliable virtual resource to help you resolve your legal issues online. You can get any legal service anywhere in the world right now on our website.

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