Why Legal Space?

We bring you challenging legal work from all over the world

What you get

Challenging work

We find you clients in the area your focus on

It's your decision

You choose which assignment to work on

Fees secured

You start working when client pays the full amount to Legal Space.You get the fee when the job is done

How it works

Legal Space is free to join.
We bring the clients with the assignments you focus on


You register on the website. It takes just 3-5 minutes and you can usie your LinkedIn profile to make it even faster. Sign up

Terms of Use

You accept the terms of the agency agreement which formally authorises Legal Space to bring you clients.
Download the agreement


All invoices to Clients must be issued through Legal Space. You provide the scope of services and the fees agreed with the client to your Legal Space manager who will issue an invoice to the client.

Legal Space Escrow

The client advances 100% of your fee to the Legal Space escrow account and you get an immediate confirmation that we hold your fee.

Delivering quality legal services

You do the work for the Client; the Client confirms the work is done


We withhold a 15% fee from the amount received from the Client and transfer the balance to you


Legal Space associated partner

In any oral or written communications with Clients you must intruduce yourself as a Legal Space associated partner.
You may introduce your firm's name as well if you wish

Legal Space Fee

Legal Space will withhold 15% of any amounts you invoice to the client

Services Agreement

You agree to the terms of the legal services agreement with the Client each time you start a new assignment


You must not receive any payments, enter into any arrangements or otherwise liaise with Legal Space clients other than via Legal Space .

Competition is fierce.
Be ahead of it

We do not charge you
for registration

We keep your fee
in escrow for you

Our fee is
just 15%


you professional network

professional brand

What we expect from our lawyers

  • Reputable law school
  • 6 years legal experience or more
  • References
  • Interview with Legal Space member

Join 2,000 bright legal professionals in 150 countries

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I am a lawyer. How can I become a member? Is there any registration fee?

You may register online. When your profile in 80% complete and we have ensured that you comply with other requirments, you become a fully authorised member.
We recommend that in your profile you give as much professional information as possible, Clients are more likely to hire a lawyer with a detailed profile rather than the one with a half-empty one. Legal Space is free to join. We only withhold a 15% fee from amounts paid by the Clients from your fees.

Do you rate lawyers? How the rating is formed?

We use unique Legal Space Ranking(c) tool. Your personal ranking depends on the following:
1. How detailed your Legal Space profile is
2. Your references
3. Successful transactions via Legal Space.
4. Customer feedback.
5. Your background, reputation and experience

How do you match lawyers and clients?

We offer clients 1-3 top lawyers according to our ranking and based on the client's needs (including client's budget and matter complexity).

Can we sign up as a law firm?

Yes, you need to select "Law firm" field when registering

How can I contribute to Legal Space community and enchace my personal brand?

You have quite a few options:
1. Take part in the Legal Space events (we normally send email invitations to our members in the area of the event);
2. Write expert articles in your area of focus for our blog; *
3. Take part in Legal Space scientific researches as an expert. *
* For Legal Space experts only (to apply for Legal Space expert, please contact your your support team at info@legalspace.world)

Can I join your network with less than 6 years of experience?

We normally accept lawyers with experience of more than 6 years, however, if you show special achievements and expertise, you may be admitted.

What data you take from my LinkedIn profile at registration with Legal Space?

We will take only basic details out of your LinkedIn profile. We will not get information about your connections and will not use your profile for any other purposes.